Commercial & Residential

Commercial Office Fitouts Oamaru

Precision Plastering are highly experienced in all aspects of both Commercial & Residential Construction.

Is there a difference between Commercial & Residential Construction?

They are two completely different types of construction.

Commercial Construction

We strongly recommend using Commercial construction methods for commercial applications. Commercial Construction is normally constructed using metal stud walls with a grid & tile ceiling system. These are designed to be modified as your business changes and grows.

Some of the reasons Commercial Construction is different;

  • Ceilings can be easily accessed, modified, repaired or replaced.
  • Lighting & air-conditioning systems can be moved around as your office or commercial space needs to change.
  • Easier to add network cables or power points to walls when needed.
  • No painting required for grid ceiling systems.
  • No cornice or ceiling molding to install.
  • Easier access for maintenance or modifications.
  • Quicker Construction times.
  • Less labour costs when building or modifying.
  • Less GIB Stopping or Plastering & Painting.
  • Less labour costs for trades during maintenance, modifications or repairs.

Residential Construction

Residential Construction is normally constructed using timber studs, plasterboard sheets & normally has a square set or cornice ceiling molding. In most part this is because Residential Construction is designed to last as it is for a long time.